Deploying this blog with Github Actions

Having extensively used Concourse CI (, Jenkins ( and Gitlab CI ( for various different situations in a work capacity, I decided to try something new with this blog, Github Actions! With Github now having unlimited free private repos, and allowing one to use their actions platform for free (with some limits) - it seemed fitting to try and keep the codebase, as well as deployment infrastructure in the same place, without the need for an external CI/CD platform to manage this.

Validating Docker Compose files with a pre-commit hook

The Problem We have all run into this issue - you’re mid getting a service ready to deploy or update, and you make an on-the-fly change to a compose file, to update a health-check, change a deploy parameter or modify the update interval, and then, when you go to deploy the service… yaml: line 12: did not find expected key Dang! What a mess up, now we have to go back, fix the issue (hopefully test it a bit better) re-commit to the code base, potentially re run test steps, and trigger redeployments.