Apple Music and Spotify - A Wonderful Adventure

By now, I am sure everyone has heard of the worlds most popular music streaming services. If you haven’t, and respectively (ZA links, since this is South Africa after all). The competition between these two products, has definitely brought a lot of growth and competition to this area of tech, and, in my eyes, these two each have their advantages and disadvantages. I intend to try and give a brief comparison of the two, from an Apple users point of view.

This Blog is now HTTPS Enabled!

Quick tidbit, this blog is now HTTPS enabled, I know, I’m only about 3 years late in getting that done. Hopefully be back soon with another real post. Peace –Devin

Concourse CI Basics - Part 1

Recently, I began working with Docker, and this opened my eyes up to the extremely versitile nature of Docker, and what all can be done with building Docker containers for applications. As an extension of this, I dug into what can be done to achieve CI/CD with Docker, and that introduced me to Concourse. If you haven’t heard of Concourse, you can find their home page here: Concourse, to me, makes a lot of sense in a world with Docker Swarm, where one is working with microservice architecture, and trying to push towards a CI/CD environment.

Hackintosh Adventures - Part 1

Recently, I began to jump into the world of macOS and, specifically the possbility of running macOS on non-standard hardware. Traditionally, this concept is dubbed “hackintosh” as it referrs to getting Apple’s OS running on “non” Apple systems. I have been along the road to this before, and naturally there are a number of questions that are asked right off the bat, so let’s try get those out of the way…

iOS11 - My Thoughts

Apple recently released their 11th iteration of their ‘famed’ phone OS, meaning that everyone with (a supported) iPhone can now update. This is just going to be a quick post to outline my thoughts around it. This will primarily be what I like, what I don’t like, what annoys me, and what I find some of the best new features. As usual, these are my personal opinions, let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below.

Upgrading Docker - The Basics

It has been brought to my attention that the way that I have been installing Docker in some of my previous posts, while it does work (and in my opinion is the easiest way to install) does not yield the latest version of Docker being installed. Therefore, I thought I’d do a quick post on how to get the latest version installed (from the official repo), as usual, this is done on an Ubuntu 16.

Basic HTTP Auth with Traefik

No way, two posts on one day! Starting up a container with Docker, and exposing it via a hostname using Traefik is something that a lot of us are familiar with, however something that I myself did not realise, is that you can actually do basic HTTP auth on frontends that are registered with Traefik. Why would you want to do this? I realise that there are much better ways to do auth apart from HTTP auth, however in a situation where you simply need to make sure that a user has some sort of password prompt before being given access to a service, (such as a web interface to something) then HTTP auth can be very effective.

Docker Basics (Possibly a Part 1 of many...)

Look at that, I’m back! The previous post covered how I got things up and running for this blog, but didn’t go into much depth about what I used and what exactly it all is. This (hopefully series) is going to be outlining the basics of Docker, mainly Docker Swarm, and why I find it awesome. Keep in mind, these are my views and opinions, you’re welcome to give me feedback on places where I am incorrect.

About Me

You want to know more about me? Fancy that… I am a 23 year old male, born, raised and living in Cape Town, South Africa. I enjoy anything and everything I can get my hands on when it comes to IT and DevOps, which is partly the reason I decided to start this blog. There isn’t really all that much else to know, I hope to update this site with as much information as I possibly can, as often as I can, even though posts are mainly going to be in my free time (which I don’t usually have much of).

Getting this blog up and running using Ghost, Traefik and Docker - more complicated than I expected!

Welcome to the first post on my blog! I am very new to this, so don’t expect anything too exciting just yet. I started this blog to help convey everything I am learning on a day-to-day basis in some sort of interesting or helpful way. For my first post, I thought the best idea would be to explain how I am running this blog, and where it is hosted. I will be going into more depth on each one of these services in future, in separate posts.